Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's been an interesting few days. Yesterday was Rony's graduation dinner. For it being the military you would think they would have a more organized buffet, but noo! I really think that's just my "chef table attendant" side talking, but whatev. Today was his graduation, and we thought that right after that we would have about 5 minutes with him before he got on his plane to Colorado, but luckily that wasn't the case. Turns out back in week 4 he witnessed a drill Sergeant assault a soldier and they never got it sorted out, so his still part of the "investigation" and can't leave until that's taken care of, which should be tomorrow. He's being deployed in August I believe and everyones really worried about him but for some reason I'm not. I really think he's going to be fine. I don't know why.. it's just a feeling i have.
I've never really felt like I had a "real family" especially after my mom died, until I met Brandon and his family and got so close to him, and all of them. His mom and dad is mine, his brothers are my brothers, his niece is my niece. (not like.. in an incestuous way or anything. haha) I just really love them. I don't know how I would have ended up had I not had them there for me these last 3 years. So to see Rony up there being all military like just makes me a really proud big sister. :)
I need to go to bed though, Kroger training starts tomorrow.

I just wanna say I find something about all those guys yelling in unison really attractive. I don't know why.. lol.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, Daybreakers was pretty good. I liked how they actually found a cure for the "vampire disease". I don't think anyone's ever thought to go from that angle before. And i really like Ethan Hawke so.. :)

In other news! I have a job :D, at Kroger. I go for orientation Thursday, then I'm off to training Friday and Saturday at the new cut store, and I start at the store on Dixie on Monday. Hooray! I don't know how much i'll like working back in the deli but hopefully in time I'll be moved to cakes, that would be fun! I'm pretty sure i'll like being in the deli more than working the cash register, anyway. Lets just hope everyones nice!

I'm trying to find cheap car insurance. It's pretty much impossible.. Since I moved into my own place I have to get my own policy, and i've heard KFB isn't the most inexpensive one out there.. but from what i can tell there all only like a 20 dollar difference from each other. So far, anyway. Maybe since i've been with KFB for so long it wont be as expensive as i think.

Anyway.. Can i just say that I'm completely bored with the Internet? SSDD. Nothings interesting or funny anymore. I feel like I'm constantly refreshing the page for it to be the same words over and over again by a different person. I wish i could find a new website to browse through.

(Posted later in the day)
KFB turned out to be the cheapest! less than $100 a month. :)
Pork loin biscuits and garlic potatoes for dinner. Yum!

Monday, February 22, 2010

I've never really been all that great at keeping up with a blog. I've always had one though.. that I would go back to after a few years and think "wow, how dramatic was I?" or "man, I really miss her." but I think what I love about my old blogs more than anything is getting to look back and see how much I've changed. I suppose one day that will happen with this one too, but for now, while starting this brand new chapter of my life, I'm going to blog. blog blog blog. I said that word a lot in this entry.

So.. bah! It's 11:51. I'm going watch day breakers, and probably pass out in the middle of it. I'll let you know how it goes.
I swear.